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House Cleaning Traverse City mi

House Cleaning Traverse City, MI. Maid services Traverse City, MI.


a bit about us:

Since 2009 Dirt Witches has provided house and apartment-cleaning services to residents of Traverse City and surrounding area's. Approximately 67 percent of our client base consists of two person households in which the resident works away from home an average of ten hours per day, or fifty hours per week. The remaining 33 percent of our clients are families with multiple responsibilities: children, family activities, and involvement with community events.

Dirt Witches:

Understands that the demands of modern careers and lifestyles can sometimes create a gap in house cleaning. We aim to bridge that gap by providing professional house cleaning services.

Hard day at work?

The last thing on your mind is cleaning your home. No worries, let the team at Dirt Witches clean your castle while you work. Prop your feet up, kick back and relax. We would love to sprinkle a little magic in your home. We don't only clean the Surface, we get down to the nitty gritty!

Dirt Witches will:

Give you a set time for our cleaning, with a one-hour variance to allow for traffic and road conditions. Complete all services described during our first visit to your home. We provide and use our own cleaning products, unless the client provides us with a specific product they would like us to use.


House cleaning Traverse City, Mi

House Cleaning Traverse City, Mi

Maid Services Traverse City, Mi

Maid Services Traverse City, Mi



House Cleaning Traverse City mi, Maid services Traverse City Mi

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